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If you have been arrested you may be held for a bail hearing. You will require a lawyer to negotiate the terms of your bail, help you avoid detention and negotiate imposed bail restrictions. Your bail hearing will be held in a provincial court where a Justice of the Peace will decide the terms of your bail based on three components; the risk of you running away, the risk of you being a danger while released and the strength of the case against you, the “accused”.

You may require a “surety” – a friend or family member who is prepared to vouch for and monitor you while you are out on bail. The decision to accept a surety is decided by the Justice of the Peace and will require the chosen individual to make sure you obey your restrictions and conditions, make sure you are at court proceedings, make sure the accused does not commit any more crimes and be answerable to authorities regarding any violations of the bail agreement.

If you have been denied bail, you will require a lawyer to defend you at a bail review. A bail review will require preparation of legal documents and is a more complicated hearing. A bail review will be held in a superior court before a superior court judge and you will require a surety as one of the terms of the judge’s decision.

If you have been charged with a crime and are facing bail, contact a skilled and knowledgeable attorney today!

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