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The initial detention upon being arrested for a criminal offence is a traumatic experience that can have significant consequences on an individual’s mental and physical health. Jefferey Reisman, from his years of experience, understands this process from start to finish and recognizes the importance of a successful bail hearing; which is the first stage of a criminal proceeding.

The Supreme Court in R v Antic has firmly upheld the founding principle of our criminal justice system i.e. the presumption of innocence and has recognized the detrimental effects of pre-trial detention.

“The right not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause is an essential element of an enlightened
criminal justice system. Accused persons are constitutionally presumed innocent, and the corollary to the presumption of innocence is the constitutional right to bail. An accused must not find it necessary to plead guilty solely to secure his or her release, nor must an accused needlessly suffer on being released.

Pre-trial custody affects the mental, social, and physical life of the accused and his family and may also
have a substantial impact on the result of the trial itself” Within 24 hours of an offence, an accused will be presented before a judge in a provincial court.  A “surety” can be required and they are often a friend or family member who is prepared to vouch for and monitor you while you are out on bail. This person may also pledge a certain amount of money for your release. Under the Criminal Code a bail is assessed on the following grounds:

  • Whether detention is necessary to ensure the accused’s attendance in court
  • Whether detention is necessary for the protection or safety of the public
  • Whether detention is necessary to maintain confidence in the administration of justice

Jeffrey Reissman among many other things can:

  • Prepare an accused and their surety for this difficult and important hearing.
  • Reduce unnecessary time in custody;
  • Negotiate with the Crown prosecutor in securing reasonable conditions for the accused’s
  • Apply relevant and recent case law for your personal situation

Only an experienced criminal lawyer understands the intricacies of this vital process and will fight to make sure your constitutional right to an early release is upheld. While duty counsel can assist you in this stage, they are often not available to spend adequate time on your unique situation.

Do not make the mistake of not having the right representation. While a bail hearing decision can be reviewed, losing at an initial bail hearing will mean that you will be detained until the appeal date, which often takes weeks. A bail review is expensive and time-consuming and should be avoided. Know more.

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