Terrence Balanag

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I spent a lot of time and money finding a lawyer to defend me in a case that I was never involved in. I couldn’t find a dependable lawyer but when I found Jeff he gave me hope for the success in my case. My last lawyer was very unreliable and messed up my case in court but Jeff came along with a high pedigree and fixed everything that was wrong. When I first met him he had a clear plan for what we wanted to accomplish. I had a lot of stress with the situation and he did not fail to comfort me through the process. I’m proud to say that he solved my case and I can go forward in my life peacefully. Lastly I’d like to mention how flexible he was with payments as we discussed a payment plan that was easy for me to follow. All in all I recommend Jeff to anyone that is in need of help!

Terrence Balanag October 19, 2018

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