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Jeffrey I. Reisman is a criminal defence lawyer helping clients in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and throughout the province of Ontario. Reisman is an aggressive criminal defence lawyer equipped with the experience and know-how to defend your rights in municipal, provincial and federal courts. Successful outcomes are always the goal of his criminal law firm, achieved through relentless research, creativity and hard work. Jeffrey I. Reisman will instill confidence and alleviate some of the stress you are enduring. He will protect your rights and fight to prevent you from obtaining a criminal record.

Why do I need a lawyer?

An experienced lawyer can prevent you from making expensive mistakes, whether you face a summary or indictable offense. The legal process is complicated, but retaining a lawyer early means you have someone on your side to guide you through this scary and confusing process. A well versed criminal defence attorney will fight for your charges to be dropped, for you to be found not guilty, or for you to receive an alternative punishment instead of prison or jail time.

How can a lawyer fight the charges against me?

Even the most difficult cases can have loopholes and problems that will not be obvious. A good lawyer will always thoroughly research a case to uncover problematic evidence or violations of charter rights. Toronto defence lawyer Jeff Reisman has a proven track record of successfully challenging Provincial and Federal charges in Ontario by holding authorities accountable to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

  • Challenging the validity of consents to search and of search warrants.
  • Arguing law enforcement’s inappropriate use, or lack of, probable cause.
  • Filing and arguing against evidence obtained in violation of charter rights.
  • Challenging police for using the Highway Traffic Act to make illegal stops. The Highway Traffic Act awards police vast power in pursuing the adherence to traffic law, however, police officers cannot enforce this act to pursue the investigation of other criminal offenses unrelated to traffic violations. The police may search a person or premises only after they have produced a warrant unless they identify an immediate medical emergency or state of duress.

I have been contacted by police or the crown, to have a meeting or make a deal, what should I do?

If you have been charged with a crime, police or prosecutors may attempt to discuss your case with you or propose a deal. You may even be asked to provide evidence against other people.

Consult your lawyer prior to discussing anything with the police or crown or agreeing to sign any deals. There may be things about your case you are unaware of that could allow you to contest charges or negotiate a better deal.

Why is Jeffrey I. Reisman the Lawyer for me?

Jeffrey I. Reisman can answer your questions and address your concerns during your initial consultation. He is always available for questions and will begin your defence from the moment you require him. You will also obtain important information pertaining to your case so you can make informed decisions regarding charges and potential deals.

Jeffrey I. Reisman’s goal is to assess all of the elements involved and suggest the best course of action for you. He will work within the system to lessen the impact these charges may have on your life and your future.

Contact Jeffrey Reisman directly today at 647.351.HELP or 647.351.4357.

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