Jeffrey I. Reisman is a highly esteemed & experienced criminal defence lawyer in Brampton. He has years of experience in the field of criminal law and many Brampton residents rely on him for aggressive and knowledge-based defense in court. Jeffrey I. Reisman does his job well. He will fight on your behalf to protect your rights under the law. If you are looking for assistance in navigating the complications of the law, the first attorney to call is Mr. Reisman who knows what you experience when you have a criminal case on your hands. Criminal lawyers in Brampton are a dime a dozen, but what sets Jeff Reisman apart is that he is very compassionate, kind, and caring. He and his staff members will lessen your fear of the courtroom by patiently discussing your case with you.

When you hire the law firm of Jeffrey I. Reisman, you will not only get a reputable attorney on your side but one who is committed to the process and his field of law. He will provide you with individualized attention, one-on-one legal assistance and his valuable time. No case is too big or small for him. He takes pride in being flexible and offering convenience by being available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day prior to and subsequently upon securing his services.

Jeffrey I. Reisman is an experienced Prosecutor and Defence Lawyer in Brampton. Since his tenure as a prosecutor, Jeff Reisman has been fortunate to receive the on-the-job experience that has catapulted him into becoming educated in criminal law, with a vast understanding that comes from the Crown and Defence standpoint.

Jeffrey I. Reisman is knowledgeable enough to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of all areas of criminal law. As a criminal defence lawyer in Brampton, he has the ability to effectively analyze your case for a successful outcome. If you are looking for an efficient attorney with the expertise to match his years of experience, then you have come to the right place. He will assess your options quickly without giving you any unrealistic expectations.

Jeffrey I. Reisman holds a JD (Juris Doctor) and has been accepted to practice in:

  • Ontario Provincial Court
  • Superior Court of Justice
  • Appellate Courts of Ontario
  • All Florida State and Federal Courts including the U.S. Court of Appeals
  • Quebec

Jeffrey I. Reisman is a solid devotee of NORML, which is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and is found in their legally authorized directories at www.norml.com and www.hightimes.com. His capacity as a criminal lawyer in Brampton gives Mr. Reisman the opportunity to provide defence to those who have been accused of a criminal offense.

If you are one of those individuals facing a lawsuit for a crime, Jeffrey I. Reisman has helped others like you to overcome the uncertainty and fear of criminal charges. He will discuss your case with you, conduct quality research and provide powerful defense on your behalf, using every possible argument related to your case.

His focus is to maintain your innocence and relieve any related stress caused by events of your case. Call Jeffrey I. Reisman today to defend your criminal case to the full extent allowed by the law.

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Jeff Reisman works hard for his clients. I highly recommend him if you’ve been charged with a criminal offence.

Hamzah Khadim

Jeffrey is as shrewd as they come, He cares about your freedom and overall outcome. Court is no joke and I feel most comfortable with Jeffrey on my side.

Justin English

I hired Jeff after arrested for impaired driving/and over .80. He was accessible and always answered his phone when I had questions. He eventually had my case reduced so I didn’t have to undergo a year licence suspension. Hope I never go through this again but if I did would definitely hire him again.

Jose Mendez

Thanks for everything Jeff, Since the day I hired you, You took all my tensions and got me out of this charge.I hope I will not have to go through this again, but in case if it happened, blindly, you will be the first person to contact.

Anurag Panwar

He is a great lawyer. He never let me down. Trust him. Fallow his lead you will get whatever result you want to get. Thank you Jeffrey.

Yigit Kalelioglu

Jeffrey Reisman is an amazing lawyer. He really helped me through my criminal case. He answer all my questions and concerns anytime I needed him. He definitely went over and beyond what was asked/needed. I would highly recommend him. I am forever grateful he made a bad experience much easier to deal with!

Michelle Silva

Jeffrey services are outstanding. Highly recommend.

Renu Kalra

Excellent lawyer. I recommend him for youth cases. He comforted us for the situation and did not give us any hassle. Got us the result we were looking for. Trust me he is good and caring.

Syed Abbas Moosvi

I would recommend Jeffrey Reisman for anyone who is looking for a confident and trustworthy lawyer who really cares about his clients. He helped me through my entire case and got me a great deal. I was very pleased with his work and attitude. I highly recommend Jeffrey for any criminal case.

Kevin Petrson

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