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If you have been arrested for theft, it’s important to contact an experienced Toronto theft lawyer as soon as possible. 

This should ideally be before you speak to the police.

Jeffrey I Reisman Toronto Theft Defence LawyerWhether you’re facing charges for burglary, fraud, property theft, or another related offence, the early part of the police investigation against you is important. 

If the charge results in a conviction, you may have a lifelong criminal record, as well as a possible prison sentence, employment issues, immigration issues (for non-Canadians) and a severely damaged reputation.

Jeffrey I Reisman Criminal Defence Lawyer can assist you in navigating what is often a confusing and stressful time – especially for first-time offenders.

He will provide your best possible defense and work to clear your name or, at least, mitigate the penalties against you.

What is Theft in Ontario?

Theft is taking something unlawfully from another person – usually taking money or property without permission.

The definitions of theft, fraud, and robbery are all laid out in the Canadian Criminal Code.

They are all similar in nature but fraud usually involves some form of deceit, dishonesty or deception; and robbery usually involves force (and is therefore regarded as more serious than theft). The following are all classified as acts of theft in Ontario:

  • Shoplifting (merchandise theft)
  • Identity theft
  • Auto theft
  • Property theft

A common example of fraud is credit card offences. The most common type of robbery is “break and enter” into a home or business.

In Canada, theft is classified into two distinct categories, with differing consequences:

  1. Theft under $5,000
  2. Theft over $5,000

Consequences of Theft over $5000

Theft over the value of $5,000 carries more serious penalties, as laid out in Section 334 of the Criminal Code.

It is considered an indictable offence and carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.  

Getting bail in these circumstances can be difficult. You must attend a bail hearing in order to apply for it.

Will I have a criminal record for theft over $5000?

Yes. It is very likely that you will have a criminal record if convicted of theft over $5,000.

First-Time Offenders of Theft

For first-time offenders, being charged with theft can be an intimidating experience.

The good news is that there is a much better chance of securing a lighter sentence if you have no previous convictions. 

For instance, instead of a jail term, a convicted first offender may be able to serve their time in the community.

An experienced lawyer can not only help you manage the stress and complexity of a first charge; they can also help you negotiate a lighter sentence with the Crown prosecution.

That is why it is advisable to hire a lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested.

Hire a Toronto Theft Lawyer

In most theft cases, Jeffrey Reisman will seek withdrawal of the criminal charges against you.

There may be weaknesses in the case against you or mistakes made when gathering evidence. This can all cause the case to be dismissed.

If it goes to trial, Jeffrey Reisman is a seasoned Toronto theft lawyer who will fight for an acquittal.

Even if the case against you is overwhelming and you have previous convictions, he will defend your rights and push for the amelioration of the penalties against you.

Contact Jeffrey Reisman directly if you have been charged or arrested for a theft-related crime at 647.351.HELP or 647.556.5235

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