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Jeffrey I. Reisman is the attorney that you need when you are faced with criminal charges. He will attempt the arduous process of proving your innocence in a court of law. You may be thinking that any lawyer could do this because you are indeed innocent of all charges, but it is not that simple. The legal process is about researching the facts, laying them out to a jury of your peers to make them understand it and presenting the closing arguments as a representation of a client’s innocence. Not all criminal lawyers in Scarborough know how to effectively handle this as Jeffrey I. Reisman does.

If you are looking for an attorney who is compassionate to your situation, cares about the outcome of your criminal case and knows how to aggressively fight for you in a court of law, Jeffrey I. Reisman is the legal mind that you need. His law practice is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for your convenience. You can talk to him anytime. He will always be there to hold your hands throughout the legal process. No legal concern is too big or too small for him. He will answer all your questions and reassure you with hands-on legal care. As a criminal defence lawyer in Scarborough, Jeffrey I. Reisman is experienced in the law; both on the prosecution platform and as a defence lawyer. Why? He has worked as a Prosecutor in the Scarborough legal system. So he brings more than just a defence perspective to your case. Not many attorneys have this type of legal portfolio and in your case, this is an advantage.

Jeffrey I. Reisman is a Scarborough criminal lawyer who is armed with the knowledge and fortitude to defend your case to the full extent of the law. He understands the strengths and weaknesses of all areas of criminal law, which allows him to better evaluate your case. With his expertise, he is able to find out all of the available options that you have at your disposal without compromise and unrealistic expectations.

Jeffrey I. Reisman has earned his JD or Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and practices criminal law in:

  • Ontario Provincial Court
  • Superior Court of Justice
  • Appellate Courts of Ontario
  • All Florida State and Federal Courts
  • U.S. Court of Appeals
  • Quebec Courts for hearings

Jeffrey I. Reisman has strong connections with NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which is found in the legal directories at and

You no longer have to carry the burden of your criminal charges anymore when you have a good criminal lawyer in Scarborough like Jeffrey I. Reisman. His legal representation of your criminal case is incomparable to most lawyers in his area and field. He utilizes every accessible resource and possible argument related to your case so that you will be well represented legally. You owe it to yourself to leverage the legal mind of Jeffrey I. Reisman by calling now to schedule the initial legal consultation.

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