If you have been charged with a crime you need advice from an experienced lawyer. For over 19 years, I have passionately defended the rights of individuals charged with criminal offences. If you are in trouble, I can help.





Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto

Jeffrey I. Reisman is a respected Toronto criminal defence lawyer with the experience, compassion and care to help you with your legal matter. Jeffrey I. Reisman will fight for your rights and assist in helping you navigate the complicated and often frightening court systems. Reisman is committed to providing one-on-one legal care, no question is too small or too big and he prides himself on being there for you every time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day before and after you hire him.

Jeffrey I. Reisman’s experience as a Prosecutor and Toronto criminal defence lawyer has educated him with a vast understanding of Criminal Law from both the Crown and Defence perspective. Jeffrey I. Reisman is equipped with the knowledge to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all areas of Criminal law, and can help you analyze your case effectively and efficiently. He will use his expertise to help you figure out your options quickly without establishing unrealistic expectations.

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A Toronto Criminal Law Firm Protecting Your Innocence

Jeffrey I. Reisman is a criminal defence lawyer helping clients in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and throughout the province of Ontario. Reisman is an aggressive criminal defence lawyer equipped with the experience and know-how to defend your rights in municipal, provincial and federal courts. Successful outcomes are always the goal of his criminal law firm, achieved through relentless research, creativity and hard work. Jeffrey I. Reisman will instill confidence and alleviate some of the stress you are enduring. He will protect your rights and fight to prevent you from obtaining a criminal record.

Why do I need a criminal defence lawyer?

An experienced lawyer can prevent you from making expensive mistakes, whether you face a summary or indictable offense. The legal process is complicated, but retaining a lawyer early means you have someone on your side to guide you through this scary and confusing process. A well versed criminal defence attorney will fight for your charges to be dropped, for you to be found not guilty, or for you to receive an alternative punishment instead of prison or jail time.

How Can a Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer Fight the Charges Against Me?

An experienced lawyer will examine your case in great detail and conduct research to uncover new evidence and potential violations of your Charter Rights. Even when you case seems like a “slam dunk” for the Crown, there could be a loophole or other procedure error that could benefit you.
Toronto criminal defence lawyer Jeff Reisman is not afraid to challenge Provincial and Federal charges in Ontario or question authorities and hold them accountable for your Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Mr. Reisman has a proven record of success and will do his best to help fight the charges against you using various tactics, including but not limited to:

  • Arguing and filing against evidence that was obtained in direct violation of your Charter Rights.Law enforcement sometimes obtain evidence in a manner that violates a person’s Charter Rights. When this occurs, the evidence cannot be used against the person and can be eliminated from the case.
  • Challenging the validity of consented searches and searches that violate search warrants.The police cannot search a person or premises until they have produced a search warrant or obtain consent. Then they may only search the person or area for which consent was given or detailed in the warrant.
  • Challenging law enforcement’s lack of or inappropriate use of probable cause.Probable cause give the police the right to identify an immediate medical emergency, state of duress, or other emergency situation to allow them to enter premises or search a person. The police tend to abuse this power and use it inappropriately.
  • Arguing polices use of the Highway Traffic Act to make illegal stops and searches. The Highway Traffic Act empowers the police to enforce traffic laws. However, police officers often use the Act as a means to pursue the investigation of other criminal offences, no`t directly related to violations of the Highway Traffic Act.

Choosing the Best Criminal Defence Lawyer for your Case

Jeffrey I. Reisman will answer your questions compassionately and address your concerns all during the initial consultation. Jeff will always make himself available for questions and concerns related to your case, regardless the time of day, and will actively defend your rights from the moment you acquire his legal services. Jeff will make sure to obtain all the information pertaining to the charges filed against you from the moment you retain his services, quickly identifying any potential opportunities as they arise in your case. Years of exerpeinece & 1000’s of cases won, Jeffrey Reisman always knows what to look for while asking the right questions to get the results you need.

Jeffrey I. Reisman’s goal is to assess all of the elements involved and suggest the best course of action for you. He will work within the system to lessen the impact these charges may have on your life and your future.

Contact Jeffrey I. Reisman, criminal defence lawyer, to book a free consultation directly at 647.351.HELP or 647-556-5235

Jeffrey Reisman

Since 2001, Jeffrey Reisman has been practicing criminal law. First as a prosecutor for 3 years and then as a defence attorney. He has appeared in several Courts in both the U.S. and in Canada, including the American Federal Courts more specifically the Middle District of Florida and Florida Circuit County Courts.

In Canada, Jeffrey Reisman has appeared in Quebec and Ontario Courts more specifically Provincial and Superior Court of Ontario. Jeffrey Reisman has had the opportunity to represent thousands of clients who have been accused of various crimes such as complex frauds, attempted murder sexual assault, possession for the purposes of trafficking, assault causing bodily harm, and assault with a weapon. He also deals with matters such as domestic assault and offences including but not limited to impaired driving/ over .80 and simple assault.

Instead of being a jack of all trades, Jeffrey Reisman has dedicated his practice to exclusively focusing on criminal defence. He understands that certain cases such as impaired driving and over .80 demand staying in tune with new legislation so that his clients can benefit from all the available defences that exist.

Jeffrey Reisman


Jeff Reisman works hard for his clients. I highly recommend him if you’ve been charged with a criminal offence.

Hamzah Khadim

Jeffrey is as shrewd as they come, He cares about your freedom and overall outcome. Court is no joke and I feel most comfortable with Jeffrey on my side.

Justin English

I hired Jeff after arrested for impaired driving/and over .80. He was accessible and always answered his phone when I had questions. He eventually had my case reduced so I didn’t have to undergo a year licence suspension. Hope I never go through this again but if I did would definitely hire him again.

Jose Mendez

Thanks for everything Jeff, Since the day I hired you, You took all my tensions and got me out of this charge.I hope I will not have to go through this again, but in case if it happened, blindly, you will be the first person to contact.

Anurag Panwar

He is a great lawyer. He never let me down. Trust him. Fallow his lead you will get whatever result you want to get. Thank you Jeffrey.

Yigit Kalelioglu

Jeff represented me on a assault charge and achieved the best possible result through his vast network of connections with prosecutors and courts. I would highly recommend him!

Inderjit Sandhu

Jeffrey Reisman is an amazing lawyer. He really helped me through my criminal case. He answer all my questions and concerns anytime I needed him. He definitely went over and beyond what was asked/needed. I would highly recommend him. I am forever grateful he made a bad experience much easier to deal with!

Michelle Silva

Jeffrey services are outstanding. Highly recommend.

Renu Kalra

Excellent lawyer. I recommend him for youth cases. He comforted us for the situation and did not give us any hassle. Got us the result we were looking for. Trust me he is good and caring.

Syed Abbas Moosvi

I would recommend Jeffrey Reisman for anyone who is looking for a confident and trustworthy lawyer who really cares about his clients. He helped me through my entire case and got me a great deal. I was very pleased with his work and attitude. I highly recommend Jeffrey for any criminal case.

Kevin Petrson


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