Under the Criminal Code of Canada a person can be charged with the serious offence, Uttering Threats, simply by knowingly uttering, or conveying or causing another to receive a threat. Words are not necessary to convict someone under this offence. The threat can be conveyed in any manner. Simply gesturing to another that you are going to kill them for example, swiping your finger across your throat can be considered uttering a threat.

Uttering Threats Penalties

The Criminal Code carries different maximum penalties for certain types of threats. If the accused threatens death or to cause that person bodily harm they can be charged with an indictable offence or as a summary offence. If charged with an indictable offence, the accused faces a maximum of 5 years imprisonment and as a summary offence a maximum of 18 months imprisonment.
Less serious allegations of uttering carry lighter maximum penalties. If the Crown can prove that the accused threatened to kill, poison, injure an animal or bird the maximum is 2 years of imprisonment. The same is true if the Crown can prove that the accused threatened to burn, destroy or damage real property or property of any person.

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